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look at the shiney newness

Aww yes i know i said i was over updating my lj, but i didnt say i wasn't gonna start a new one did i? i need a fresh start. i started the last one in october 2004. plus i want one thats a little more annonymous.
yes i am aware that heart is spelt wrong. someone has already registered the correct spelling. the name jump-start heart is a lyric from a charlotte hatherley song. i've wanted to use it for ages.
i intent on updating through the summer hopefully. plus i have this hateful interview thing for my nursing degree on june 30th, which is gonna be crappy. it lasts a whole day with discussions and tests and essays. i feel sick just thinking about it. if anyone says to me "oh don't worry you'll be fine" another time, i will go mad cus that just annoys me more than anything. yeh i maybe ok, but don't dismiss the fact that im freaking out. like that one sentance sweeps it up and makes me feel better cus it doesn't. lol ok rant over.
it's late now and my throat hurts from having the fan on in my room for so long. i hate summer nights as i can't sleep and imagine spiders crawling over my bed. yuck yuck.
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